Tips &Tricks


How to add/edit environment variables in windows10

Go to Con­trol Panel -> Sys­tem and Secu­rity -> Sys­tem Click on Advanced sys­tem set­tings in the left col­umn It opens Sys­tem Prop­er­ties win­dow Click on Envi­ron­ment Vari­ables but­ton at the bot­tom Note: Path…


How to sudo in windows

There is no sudo com­mand in win­dows. But you can run the com­mand prompt with admin priv­i­leges by right click­ing the it and select­ing run as administrator.


Autocomplete cli from history

Use the fol­low­ing steps to do the reverse search in your bash his­tory. $ Ctrl + R $(reverse-i-search)‘’: [start typ­ing com­mand…] [Tab/Enter] — Tab will com­plete the com­mand and brings back the CLI. -…