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Set the terminal title in ubuntu desktop — gnome

Cus­tom ter­mi­nal titles are an easy way to keep track of the processes in each ter­mi­nal, when you have mul­ti­ple ter­mi­nal tabs open in the same win­dow. Ubuntu desktop(Gnome) lets you set them using…

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How does browser work?

Have you also won­dered how browser works? How does the flow chart look like for Fetch, Parse, Flow, Paint Engine look Dou­glass Crock­fard exaplains the flow chart with a his­tory of Mosaic and Netscape Navigator.

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href javascript ; void 0

The void oper­a­tor is often used to obtain the unde­fined prim­i­tive value. <a href=“javascript:void(0);”> Click Me </a> In this case, it is used to avoid # in the URI bar. The hrefs value will be undefined.…

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&nbsp in html?">What is &nbsp in html?

<p> Hello&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;World</p> Ren­dres “Hello     World”. As Non-breaking spaces are not col­lapsed when ren­dered by the browser on a web­page. You’ll have to change &NBSP to &nbsp. <p> Hello World</p> Ren­ders “Hello World” on a webpage.