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Rvm install fails due to errors in apt-get update

Your RVM instal­la­tion is fail­ing because apt-get update has errors. The sim­plest way to fix this is 1) Iden­tify the errors dur­ing apt-update sudo apt-get update | grep “Failed” 2) Com­ment out the fail­ing ppa’s…

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rename extension of multiple files linux

I recently wanted to rename all my jpg files to png files in one folder on my ubuntu device. The fol­low­ing com­mand did the trick for me. rename ‘s/.jpg$/.png/’ *.jpg

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How to check whether your ubuntu is 64 bit

I recently started play­ing with docker and their pre­req­ui­site states that your ubuntu must be 64 bits. Here’s the com­mand that helps you find the num­ber of bits for your ubuntu uname –a On my…

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vlc — does not support hvec files

If you are get­ting the fol­low­ing error, then you need to install libed265 to run the HVEC files with VLC. VLC can not play HVEC files. To install it run the fol­low­ing com­mands in your…