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chrome extension path on mac

Find the ID of the exten­sion by going to chrome://extensions Go to your ter­mi­nal and type the fol­low­ing (replace the ID with your exten­sions ID): sudo find . –type d –iname lmjegmlicamnimmfhcmpkclmigmmcbeh


How to create scripts in terminal

Fol­low three sim­ple steps to auto­mate your ter­mi­nal. Cre­ate a script Set the per­mis­sions Exe­cute the script Cre­ate a script $vi ls –la echo ‘Hello Bash!’ Set the per­mis­sions $sudo chmod 777…


How to create a permanent “alias”?

Fol­low three sim­ple steps to cre­ate alias for your com­mand line. cd ls –la vi .bashrc Append your favorite alias at the bot­tom of the file. Below are some of my favorite aliases. # alias…


Setup remote selenium driver

Do you want your Jenk­ins plan to run your func­tional automa­tion tests to run against remote sele­nium host? Do you need help in set­ting up remote sele­nium host? Then this tuto­r­ial will teach you…


Menumeter in El-capitan 10.11 (and later)

Have you upgraded to OS X El Cap­i­tan from App Store ? Did your favorite menu meter stopped work­ing for you? Then down­load the lat­est ver­sion of menu meter from the fol­low­ing : Menu­me­ter for…


A telnet to a server

tel­net <ip-address> <port-number> tel­net <name-of-the-server> <port-number> Most of the time peo­ple check con­nec­tiv­ity via ping <ip-address> But ping com­mand lis­tens on other ports than you expect. Hence, you might get response back from server but…