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491. Unresolved references error - Django in PyCharm and IntelliJ

This is a known problem for many. If you are seeing "Unresolved references error" for all the imports of Django as in the image below (either in PyCharm or in IntelliJ) then the Django package is missing.

Add Django Package in Intellij 

  1. Right click on your project and click on the open module setting.
  1. Select the SDK from the left menu and select packages on the right and then click + (install) sign at the bottom.
  1. Type and select Django in Available Packages and click install.

Add Django Package in PyCharm 

  1. Click on the PyCharm at the top and select preferences. (This is in mac, i believe something similar will be available in windows as well)
  1. Select your project on the left side menu and select Python Interpreter. Click on the setting (gauge) sign on the right side (next to the place where you select Python Interpreter).
  1. Small drop down will appear with "Add" and "Show All", Click on Add.  
  1. Type and select Django in Available Packages.

Now Unresolved references error  has disappeared.