polyfills for cross browser support

Do you have a legacy app designed for chrome and sud­denly you have to sup­port mul­ti­ple browsers like IE10+, Fire­fox and Chrome. Then you will have to use poly­fill library. There are few options for poly­fill libraries.

1 : Shadow-DOM


Pros :

  • Does not wrap the orig­i­nal DOM with a wrap­per. Hence, it allows the sele­nium automa­tion to work nicely with inter­net explorer.

2 : Polyfill-io



  • Library does the browser detec­tion work & fetches nec­es­sary poly­fills when needed
  • Highly con­fig­urable

3: Web­com­po­nents



  • Allows feat­uer detec­tion, mean­ing you down­load poly­fill only when needed
  • Does not inter­fere with exist­ing application

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