Output filename not configured.

Web­pack throws this error when there is a typo some­where, or it could not find the con­fig file.

Check the fol­low­ing things to resolve the issue :

  • webpack.config.js named cor­rectly with­out any typo (some­times peo­ple for­get to add .js extension)
  • webpack.config.js is in the root direc­tory of the project
  • webpack.config.js has no typos
  • Export the JSON object from webpack.config.js
  • In ter­mi­nal nav­i­gate to the direc­tory where webpack.config.js then run the webpack command.

I hope one of those checks resolves your issue. If you would like to see more posts on com­mon errors with web­pack, let us know via your comments !

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