Monthly Archive: September 2016


webview autofocus not working with input

If you are using web­view to load other web­site, and if that web­site has aut­o­fo­cus enabled then aut­o­fo­cus will not work in the web­view by default. You will have to explic­itly enable the autofocus.…


How to split an mp3 file into mutiple tracks?

Down­load the Audac­ity : You will have to down­load a small exten­sion for the first time while export­ing. But the steps are very easy to fol­low in Audac­ity. Watch the fol­low­ing video to…


ios 10 upgrade, feature, issues and solutions

Watch the fol­low­ing video to under­stand things you will have to do after the upgrade! Life­hacker Arti­cles : all-the-new-features-in-ios-10-in-two-minutes how-to-fix-ios-10s-biggest-annoyances top-10-secret-features-in-ios-10