Monthly Archive: July 2016

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How to completely uninstall docker from ubuntu

If you need a fresh start and com­pletely unin­stall docker, just run the fol­low­ing com­mands[source]. sudo apt-get purge docker-engine sudo apt-get autore­move –purge docker-engine rm –rf /var/lib/docker # This deletes all images, con­tain­ers, and…

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How to see the sql statements for rails commands

Just type the fol­low­ing com­mand in your rails con­sole to see the sql out­put of your rails com­mands ActiveRecord::Base.logger = NOTE: You will prob­a­bly have to do this for every ses­sion. To avoid that, add…

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Capybara find_field to find a disabled field

By default find_field in capy­bara only finds an enabled field. To find a dis­abled field, you can pass in a sec­ond argu­ment as an options hash. For exam­ple, to find a field that is…

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rename extension of multiple files linux

I recently wanted to rename all my jpg files to png files in one folder on my ubuntu device. The fol­low­ing com­mand did the trick for me. rename ‘s/.jpg$/.png/’ *.jpg

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How to cut/edit/trim videos in vlc on mac?

Fol­low three sim­ple steps to trim a video in vlc : 1) Set the default direc­tory loca­tion where you want to store the trimmed video by going to Go to VLC Pref­er­ences —> Input / Codecs…