Monthly Archive: April 2016


vlc — does not support hvec files

If you are get­ting the fol­low­ing error, then you need to install libed265 to run the HVEC files with VLC. VLC can not play HVEC files. To install it run the fol­low­ing com­mands in your…


use XPath in browsers devtools

You can exe­cute the XPath selec­tors in the browser dev tools using the $x() For exam­ple, fol­low­ing selec­tor will give you all the anchor tags on the web­page. $x(‘//a’); Fur­ther Read­ing : Com­mand Line API


Bash scripting missing ’]’

If you have the sim­ple script like the fol­low­ing : #!/bin/bash if [ $foo = ‘bar’]; then echo ‘Foo is equal to bar’ fi And when you run the script, if you get the…