How to check your wifi password on a Mac os

Only recently I wanted to see the wifi pass­word that I had set on my Mac to share it with a friend. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find this tiny bit of infor­ma­tion where I had expected it to be — in the “secu­rity pref­er­ences”. It was instead in the “Key­chain Acess”.

Here’s how you can see your mac password

Open spot­light search (Press Cmd + Space) and type in “Key­chain Access“
– From the “Key­chains” side­bar panel, select “System”

  • From the “Cat­e­gory” side­bar panel, select “Passwords”

  • Now the main win­dow will list all of the wifi net­works you have available.

  • Dou­ble click on your network’s name

  • In the dia­log that opens, click on the “Show pass­word” checkbox

  • Enter your sys­tem username/password when prompted.

Ryan Sukale

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