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Debug – chrome.storage.local

Solution 1 chrome.storage.local.get(‘key_name’, result => console.log(`${result.key_name}`)) Solution 2 Install the following extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/storage-area-explorer/ocfjjjjhkpapocigimmppepjgfdecjkb/ Open the dev tools for your chrome app You should see a new tab called Storage Explorer Storage Explorer will show...


Exclude node_modules from sublime search

Have you had a problem where you use Find And Replace at the root of your project inside the sublime text, and there are bunch of search results from node_modules, bower, which you don’t...


capture webRTC logs

Open Google Chrome Browser Navigate to the chrome://webrtc-internals/ Click on Create Dump as shown below Once the peer connection is established, to download the peerconnection data, Click on Download Peerconnections and stats data You...