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What is &nbsp in html?

<p> Hello&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;&NBSP;World</p> Rendres “Hello     World”. As Non-breaking spaces are not collapsed when rendered by the browser on a webpage. You’ll have to change &NBSP to &nbsp. <p> Hello World</p> Renders “Hello World” on a webpage.


How to link gists to your website?

Follow these three simple steps to include the gist in your website. Create a gist on Grab the {gist id} from the URL, and gist {file name} In your wordpress post, you can...


Automate chrome apps

Chrome apps written using webview are different than iFrames because webview is a separate process. With Selenium 2.20 it is possible to automate chrome apps written using webview. driver = webdriver.Chrome(desired_capabilities={‘chromeOptions’:{‘windowTypes’:[‘webview’]}}) driver.get(‘chrome://apps’) wait_for_new_window_to_appear() driver.switch_to.window(driver.window_handles[1])...