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throw new Error(“Module ‘” + loader.path + “‘ is not a loader (must have normal or pitch function)”);

Solution: In webpack 2 automatic-loader-module-name-extension-removed. Hence, you will have to add -loader to each loader in your config. For example, – { test: /.(jpg|png|svg)$/, use: ‘url?limit=8192&name=./img/[hash].[ext]’} + { test: /.(jpg|png|svg)$/, use: ‘url-loader?limit=8192&name=./img/[hash].[ext]’} For more...


Webpack CommonsChunkPlugin, HtmlWebpackPlugin Setup

In this example, we will show you the capabilities of webpack’s commonsChunkPlugin. It is such an important feature of webpack that I ended up recording a video. Code splitting with webpack’s CommonsChunkPlugin, html-webpack-plugin! Single...


webpack-dev-server not building / compiling

The webpack-dev-server serves the result from memory. It doesn’t write to file system or disk. When you start webpack-dev-server from CLI it says webpack result is served from / indicates that your bundle is...