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su: Authentication Failure

Instead of su use sudo to become root : >sudo -i root account is disabled by default in Ubuntu, so there is no root password associated with it. Use the exit command to logout...


A telnet to a server

telnet <ip-address> <port-number> telnet <name-of-the-server> <port-number> Most of the time people check connectivity via ping <ip-address> But ping command listens on other ports than you expect. Hence, you might get response back from server...


Error: listen eacces

Did you try running your application on port# < 1024 and faced the following error? Error: listen EACCES It means you do not have enough permission to listen on port# < 1024. If you...


Update firefox on Ubuntu

Do you want to get the latest version of the firefox on Ubuntu? Here is the solution: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install firefox sudo apt-get upgrade Further Reading

Where is the extensions folder in inkscape 0

Where is the extensions folder in inkscape

As of version Inkscape version 0.91 and below, the extensions folder in inkscape is located at ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/ on Ubuntu and more than likely on other flavors of linux as well. This is where you copy...

X11 install directory on a mac 0

X11 install directory on a mac

If you are running applications like Inkscape, you are probably required to install X11. And to run it, you need to specify the directory where X11 got installed. After you install X11, you can...