Author: Ryan Sukale


Docker cheatsheet

List the currently running docker containers docker ps List all the docker containers that have run so far docker ps -a Run shell commands in a docker container (aka. interactive terminal) docker run -it...


Ruby on Rails cheatsheet

Creating a new rails project Using MySQL as the database rails new myapp -d mysql Using postgres as the database rails new myapp -d postgresql Installing Gems To manually install gems that you add,...


How to check whether your ubuntu is 64 bit

I recently started playing with docker and their prerequisite states that your ubuntu must be 64 bits. Here’s the command that helps you find the number of bits for your ubuntu uname -a On...

npm list available versions of a package 1

npm list available versions of a package

As an example, to check which versions of expressjs are available on npm, you do the following npm info express versions Of course, you can always grep for the version you are looking for...


grep for a word in all files in linux

The following command will search for the string “hello” in the content of all the files within all subfolders of the specified path grep -r “hello” /path/to/search/