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71. Given a binary tree, find out the maximum sum of value from root to each leaf

Objective: - Find the maximum sum leaf to root path in a Binary Tree. Means in all the paths from root to leaves, find the path which has the maximum sum.


Maximum Sum Leaf to Root path


This solution will be divided into two parts

Find the leaf which has the maximum sum from root.

  • Take a global variable maxLeaf and maxSum. (this maxLeaf will the node which has the maximum sum path and maxSum will the maximum sum.)
  • Do the preorder traversal
  • At each node, maintain a another variable sum = sum +
  • Whenever you reach any leaf, check if sum>maxSum, if yes then update the maxLeaf and maxSum.

Print the path from root to that leaf.

Please refer this link to print the path.



Maximum Sum Leaf to Root path :18
Path : 8 6 3 1