Monthly Archive: May 2017


Call and retry last Allocation failed

Solution: node –max–old-space-size=4096 <filename> You need to tell node to overwrite default heap size in v8. To see all the available v8 flags run the following command: node –v8-options —Further details on chromium bug


$? variable in linux

$? Status of the previous process / command which ran on the shell $ pwd $ echo $? // returns 0 which means the previous command ran sucessfully $ blahCommand $echo $? // returns...


path.join vs path.resolve in node.js

path.join([…paths]) joins all the path segments using platform specific delimiter. path.join(‘/foo’, ‘bar’, ‘baz/zxcv’, ‘abcd’, ‘..’) // ‘/foo/bar/baz/zxcv/abcd/…’ path.resolve([…paths]) Resolves all the path segments into an absolute path. It processes from right to left, until...