Event Constructor throws Object doesn’t support this action error in internet explorer

To use Event API on internet explorer, you will have to add the following polyfill when your application loads initially.

(function () {

  if ( typeof window.CustomEvent === "function" ) return false;

  function CustomEvent ( event, params ) {
    params = params || { bubbles: false, cancelable: false, detail: undefined };
    var evt = document.createEvent( 'CustomEvent' );
    evt.initCustomEvent( event, params.bubbles, params.cancelable, params.detail );
    return evt;

  CustomEvent.prototype = window.Event.prototype;

  window.CustomEvent = CustomEvent;

Once you add above polyfill, in your app code instead of Event use CustomEvent. For example,

// var event = new Event("tooltip_shown", {'bubbles': true});
var event = new CustomEvent("tooltip_shown", {'bubbles': true});


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  1. Tushar Felix says:

    Thank You so much ! thsi fixed my issue on internet explorer>

    I was using native Javscript bootstrap Carousel in my application, that entirely broke in internet explorer. Thankyou so much for fixing the issue… 😉

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