How to apply or restore stashed changes ?

If you want to apply your last changes you can do the following :

git stash apply


git stash pop

If you put too many things in the stash and don’t remember the order follow the below steps :

First lets see what we got in the stash:

git stash list

It should show something like the following :

[email protected]{0}: WIP on master: 049d070 adds the home file
[email protected]{1}: WIP on master: c260051 Reverts "added file"
[email protected]{2}: WIP on master: 20d80a5 adds logo

If you want to restore the changes in adds logo, you can do the following :

git stash apply [email protected]{2}

This is useful to apply one of the older stashes. If you don’t specify a stash, Git assumes the most recent stash and tries to apply it.

If you would like to know more about practical stash commands, let us know by leaving your comments.

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