Monthly Archive: October 2015


Find hostname in mac

Run the following command in your terminal. echo $HOSTNAME It is the simplest way to find the hostname in MAC from your terminal.


Error: listen eacces

Did you try running your application on port# < 1024 and faced the following error? Error: listen EACCES It means you do not have enough permission to listen on port# < 1024. If you...


Update firefox on Ubuntu

Do you want to get the latest version of the firefox on Ubuntu? Here is the solution: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install firefox sudo apt-get upgrade Further Reading

Dropwizard 0.8 and Jetty fail return 404 on resources 0

Dropwizard 0.8 and Jetty fail return 404 on resources

Simple hello world dropwizard application throws the error below- HTTP ERROR 404 Problem accessing /hello-world. Reason: Not Found While app logs says – return 200 for that request. Reason: If you look closely in...


How to check your wifi password on a Mac os

Only recently I wanted to see the wifi password that I had set on my Mac to share it with a friend. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find this tiny bit...