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Debug — chrome.storage.local

Solu­tion 1 chrome.storage.local.get(‘key_name’, result => console.log(‘${result.key_name}‘)) Solu­tion 2 Install the fol­low­ing exten­sion https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/storage-area-explorer/ocfjjjjhkpapocigimmppepjgfdecjkb/ Open the dev tools for your chrome app You should see a new tab called Stor­age Explorer Stor­age Explorer will show all the…

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Selenium and xpath — locate an element using id attribute

Issue : Locate the fol­low­ing ele­ment using its ID. <div id=“globalContainer”> <div> … </div> </div> Res­o­lu­tion : You can write the fol­low­ing query in the browser con­sole. $x(//div[@id=“globalContainer”]) Fur­ther Read­ing xPath loca­tor Prac­ti­cal Examples

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capture webRTC logs

Open Google Chrome Browser Nav­i­gate to the chrome://webrtc-internals/ Click on Cre­ate Dump as shown below Once the peer con­nec­tion is estab­lished, to down­load the peer­con­nec­tion data, Click on Down­load Peer­con­nec­tions and stats data You can…

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chrome extension path on mac

Find the ID of the exten­sion by going to chrome://extensions Go to your ter­mi­nal and type the fol­low­ing (replace the ID with your exten­sions ID): sudo find . –type d –iname lmjegmlicamnimmfhcmpkclmigmmcbeh