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Solu­tion 1‘key_name’, result => console.log(‘${result.key_name}‘)) Solu­tion 2 Install the fol­low­ing exten­sion Open the dev tools for your chrome app You should see a new tab called Stor­age Explorer Stor­age Explorer will show all the…

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Symantec vip Access

When you upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, Syman­tec VIP Access Token soft­ware is not sup­ported. Work Around : Down­load the VIP Access Token app on your smart­phone Reg­is­ter your smart­phone with the Syman­tec website…

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webview autofocus not working with input

If you are using web­view to load other web­site, and if that web­site has aut­o­fo­cus enabled then aut­o­fo­cus will not work in the web­view by default. You will have to explic­itly enable the autofocus.…